Journey to Aberdeen

Hello everyone. I wish you are all doing pretty well right now. This is my first experience of writing based on my memory. In this writing I am going to tell you a story (but unfortunately it is not a bedtime story, so remember not to fall asleep while reading it) of my journey to Aberdeen on 31st of January 2015. I travelled to Aberdeen with a friend of mine (we come from the same country and I met her here while studying at the same university). We started our trip around 10 o’clock in the morning from Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow. The bus we rode in was pretty nice; it was a 2-stored bus. We sat on the second floor so we could enjoy the road view. It took us approximately 3 hours to get there from Glasgow. The weather kept changing during the bus journey from sunny to icy rain. As soon as we arrived in Aberdeen, the weather was quite cold and windy, but it was not raining at all. Then we walked out from the bus station to a restaurant, which sold the famous fish and chips, so we could fill our empty stomachs. With the guide of the digital map on my mobile device, we walked for around 30 minutes to the west from our starting position. By the way, the restaurant’s name was The Ashvale Fish Restaurant, which was located at Great Western Road. If you guys are really interested to try it out, you can check it here: As we entered the place, the waitress welcomed us warmly, as opposed to the freezing weather outside. She chose a place near a large glass window for us to sit in, then left the menu for us to choose. We quickly agreed to order the fish and chips since that was our main reason to visit Aberdeen. We waited for 20 minutes before our lunch was served. Of course, as you expected, we took some pictures of the food before we ate it.

DSC03048 DSC03049 DSC03055

One portion of fish and chips consisted of one pound of crispy fried fish, a lot of chips, red baked beans and some slices of lemon. At first we thought the portion was too big for each of us to finish; however, we managed to eat the whole serving, thanks to the lemon. It helped by reducing the sensation of fullness on our lips, and the combination of the fish with the lemon itself tasted really good! The weather outside changed from windy to heavy rain as we were eating and chatting, so we had to wait for another half an hour before the rain stopped. Before we left the place, we managed to take the winning certificate for finishing the fish and chips challenge. As we walked back to the bus station, the rain started to fall again. We had a plan of going around Aberdeen, mainly to the beach. Since it was raining heavily (again), we just went to the Maritime Museum. I managed to take some photos inside the museum.

DSC03059 DSC03061 DSC03062 DSC03063 DSC03064 DSC03065

After we finished walking inside the museum, we walked a little bit up north to explore. However, due to the worsened weather, we did not walk any further. We went back to the bus station and explored more inside it. The bus station was located just beside a mall (which name I forget) and waited for our returning bus trip by spending the rest of the time in the mall. We returned back to Glasgow by using different bus from the earlier in the morning. It was pretty warm inside the bus. That was the story of my Aberdeen trip. I hope in the coming time I will be able to travel to Aberdeen once more during the summer, so I could enjoy the warmth of the sun at the beach.


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